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GCE(O/L) - ICT - Model Questions and answers

 Special thanks to -

  1. Mr.M.B.Peris - ISA ,ICT, Kurunegala Zone
  2. Mr.M.B.Farshan - ISA ,ICT, Chilaw Zone
  3. Mrs.P.U.Liyanage - ICT Teacher, Wayaba Royal College, Kurunegala



    Fundemantals of ICT-1 -1.pdf Fundemantals of ICT -  Answers.pdf
    Fundemantals of ICT-2.pdf
    Data Representation 1.pdf Data Representation_Answer_1a.pdf
    Data Representation 2.pdf
    Generic Software 1.pdf
    Generic Software 2.pdf
     Generic Software Answer 2.pdf
    Programing Concepts- 1 .pdf 
    Programming Concepts-2.pdf 
    Information System 1.pdf
    Information System 2.pdf                     

    Web Site Development 1.pdf            
      Web Site Development Answers .pdf
    Web Site Development 2.pdf
    ICT & Society 1.pdf 
    ICT & Society 2.pdf

    Special thanks to Rev.T.Chandrananda 

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